Let's fly to the future to realize your dreams!

All students!
What kind of dreams do you have?
What kind of your future do you imagine?

Utsunomiya University supports the realization of your dreams for those who already have a dream for the future and for those who are about to draw dream in order to fly to society and the future.

To this end, Utsunomiya University are working to enhance the education and research environment by reorganization of faculties and graduate schools, reform of educational programs including basic education, promotion of education DX (digital transformation), expanding facilities, and provide them together with all faculty and staff.

However, no matter how good the environment is, if you do not make use of it yourself, your dreams will not come true. At university, you need to be willing to grab and learn, not passively. This attitude will be even more necessary in society, so please actively work while in university days toward the realization of your dreams.

In addition, even things that seem to have nothing to do with you, they may be very important to you in the future. A wide range of education, what is supported by the knowledge and diverse experience across many fields allows the realization of your dream. Therefore, it is also important to acquire "interdisciplinary compound eye" which is a compound eye and diverse perspective that is not bound by the framework of the academic discipline.

As Utsunomiya University enthusiastically support from a student's perspective, students can voluntarily learn, acquire an interdisciplinary compound-eye perspective, and confirm their growth.

Everyone, let's study together at Utsunomiya University, aim to realize your dreams, and fly to the future!

President of Utsunomiya UniversityTsukasa Ikeda